i don’t want to fear anymore

Almost a year ago, I promised to write weekly to document life as a 25 year old, but I chickened out. Though no one had directly judged me, at some point last year, I started developing excessive anxiety about people's opinions on my faith and life in general. As the year progressed, I grew more … Continue reading i don’t want to fear anymore

dive into 25: a journal series

A few years ago, I loosely committed to a personal tradition of writing lists of x number of life lessons I've learned in the x amount of years I've been alive. I started that tradition to motivate me to live better than I did the year before. This year, upon turning 25, I have decided … Continue reading dive into 25: a journal series

less of me

Good health, a comfortable life, happiness, job security, peace... I considered having all of these be my reality meant that I was living in success. My mind has drifted countlessly into intricate portrayals of a life laced with glamor and posh. I have lusted after the guaranteed offers from wealth. At a young age (probably … Continue reading less of me