in the wake of change

At a certain point in our lives, we must make the brave decision to do what is right. Not just for the betterment of our own individual lives, but for the common good. Because if we consciously know some of our brothers and sisters are made to suffer by an overtly corrupt system, how then … Continue reading in the wake of change

i don’t want to fear anymore

Almost a year ago, I promised to write weekly to document life as a 25 year old, but I chickened out. Though no one had directly judged me, at some point last year, I started developing excessive anxiety about people's opinions on my faith and life in general. As the year progressed, I grew more … Continue reading i don’t want to fear anymore

less of me

Good health, a comfortable life, happiness, job security, peace... I considered having all of these be my reality meant that I was living in success. My mind has drifted countlessly into intricate portrayals of a life laced with glamor and posh. I have lusted after the guaranteed offers from wealth. At a young age (probably … Continue reading less of me