About Me


I’m a simple, complex person. I’m a petite giant. I’m a timid brave soul. Basically, I’m my own paradox. Don’t be deceived by my 4’11” stature. Sometimes I believe that God creates loud people in small bodies so they don’t become too powerful (jokes, jokes). But on the real, above all things in life, Jesus is my number one. Everything I do and say in life, I hope to be a model of how Christ would act and be. Obviously, though, I’m the furthest from perfection, which is why I love this idea of accountability with grace in all aspects of life. This world is need of empathy and compassion for those who are lost. I’m not saying that I can fix any world issues with a few words on my blog, but I do hope to offer encouragement at the very least. I don’t have much to offer, but what I do offer, I do so with grace and a whole lot of heart.

– Jin Yoo –