YOU want to go PALEO?

Paleo diet = cavemen food. Imagine what people would have eaten during the Stone Age (say bye bye to oreos and the like).

With that in mind, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and go paleo (I know. Crazy). I had spoken to a few friends about doing it before, but I had always made an excuse to revert back to my old days of overly-consuming glorious Chick-Fil-a waffle fries dunked in their golden sauce, Thai chili glazed chicken wings, and…. you get the picture.

I’ve gone on a few [failed] diets before and for the reason to lose the extra fat on my belly or wherever else I deemed appropriate. But, always after the diet ended, I continued a brutal cycle of binge eating, eating out, dieting, starving, binge eating, etc. As a result? Years of an imbalanced diet led to a ruined metabolism, GI issues, and unhappy skin.

You’re probably thinking, “Girrrrrrl, you’re not going to last”. You’re probably right. If I went strictly paleo, I probably wouldn’t make it past 7 days (based on personal experience, hah). When I say paleo, I don’t mean eating like a bunny. I can still enjoy the sweet and savory things in life, but the main point is to challenge myself to eat clean, make choices that will benefit me in my future, and find overall balance in my wellbeing. After all, you are what you eat.

How is your physical wellbeing?

“Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are” – Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

p.s. – updates to come in the next few weeks

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